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Birmingham City University

Birmingham City University’s ‘Graduate+’ is one of the UK’s most advanced and successful student engagement and employability programmes. Graduate+ is an extra-curricular awards scheme which complements students’ academic studies and prepares them for the world of work and their journey of life long learning and curiosity!

JobFit is an accredited activity within the Bronze level of the Graduate+ award enabling students to understand their strengths and weaknesses and providing development advice, which directs students to the learning opportunities and activities available to them at Birmingham City University.

BCU Graduate+ Programme Lead Lesley Taylor says: “We’re excited about using this new employability tool to really boost students' understanding of the importance of employability, and their engagement with the many learning opportunities the University offers them”

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Evenbreak is an online jobs board specializing in helping disabled people. Evenbreak has partnered with JobFit to make the JobFit game available to its users to help them gain insight about themselves, work on their personal development and prepare for job interviews. JobFit is proud to be working with this leading social enterprise to help people build their skills and achieve career success.

Evenbreak founder and director Jane Hatton says “JobFit is an invaluable resource for us. It offers our candidates an up-to-the-minute career preparation tool with good, actionable guidance and excellent interview preparation materials”.

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